How do people get innovative ideas?

It is typically said that most of the time people struck with innovative ideas when they are not thinking about it. Either they are doing some unrelated task or they are facing some pain in what they are doing currently.

Some people start brainstorming and think about a new idea but typical they never reach anywhere other than just thinking about topics in their day to day life. They would just think about their limited world view.

What people do when they have an idea?

Most of the time they even don’t realize they are got something new. They just wish if the world can be like that and next moment move on to something else.

Some people who are paying attention to idea may decide to act on it but it is not sure that they will do it. People get so busy in their life that they forget about any idea and never come back to it.

What if somebody decides to act on a idea?

If somebody decides to take some serious steps to work on a idea he most of the time he is not in a position…

Environment around idea

Subject Matter Expert and Marketing Man

  • Finding a niche
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Identify customer segment
  • Prospect Finding
  • Customer follow up
  • Customer interviews
  • Offline marketing
  • Make it viral
  • Build channel to customer

Technical Expert and Creative Man

  • Website Setup
  • SEO
  • Keep website up-to-date
  • Social Media Updates
  • Content generation
  • Build for different platform
  • Manage creativity